Democrats decide that a little bit of insurrection is good sometimes

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Former Rep. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, Rep. Gloria Johnson, D-Knoxville, and former Rep. Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, raises their hands outside the House chamber after Jones and Pearson were expelled from the legislature Thursday, April 6, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/George Walker IV) George Walker IV/AP

Democrats decide that a little bit of insurrection is good sometimes

The Democratic Party and its media allies have made a new rule: “Insurrections” are good, at least when Democrats are doing it.

Two Tennessee lawmakers were expelled from the legislature for taking bullhorns to the House floor to lead the protests of the gun control mob outside its doors. In the words of one of these lawmakers, “We occupied the House floor today,” taking over the session and preventing the legislature from continuing its normal business.


In short, a mob of protesters was initiating violence with police officers while elected Democratic representatives carried out an extension of their protest and “occupied” the House floor in an attempt to subvert the legislative process because they weren’t going to get the result that they wanted.

What makes this different from the moronic rioters on Jan. 6? The smaller scale? The fact that the overgrown children occupying the House floor happened to be legislators? In the end, the motivation was the same. The biggest difference was that members of the state House took an active role in this outside of legislative means, which is why they were expelled.

Ah, but some mobs and occupations are acceptable now, according to the Democratic Party. President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama were among those saying that the mob tactics were “peaceful” and that not allowing people to occupy the House floor whenever they feel like it is “a sign of weakness.” The hysterics reached an 11 at MSNBC, which of course chalked this up to racism.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration declared that “inaction is unacceptable” when it comes to gun control. What logically follows is that occupying the House floor is not only acceptable to oppose this “inaction” but that it is necessary and encouraged. Mobs and mob tactics are good when Democrats like the cause. What’s a little insurrection when it comes to an assault weapons ban?

Everyone remembers the nonchalant attitude Democrats took toward Black Lives Matter riots. Had then-President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, no one believes that Democrats would be so outraged by a Jan. 6 riot carried out by Black Lives Matter protesters, for example. We have some $1 billion-$2 billion in damage as proof of that. Democrats do not believe that democracy is sacrosanct or that mobs at capitol buildings are bad. They just think they should be the ones controlling both.


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