Democrats are angrier Biden used ‘illegal’ than they are about killing of Laken Riley

It took President Joe Biden a full 14 days to say the name Laken Riley, the killed university student whose alleged killer is an illegal immigrant. But it took the president fewer than 48 hours to apologize for calling him an “illegal.”

“I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal’ — it’s ‘undocumented,’” the 81-year-old incumbent told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart just two evenings after his election-year State of the Union address, cowering to progressive pearl-clutching over Biden’s correct usage of the term.

“I’m not gonna treat any of these people with disrespect,” Biden continued. “They built this country.”

Indeed, plenty of legal, law-abiding, and nonviolent immigrants ranging from 17th-century English colonists to skilled laborers today have built this country. Excluded from the valor of creating this country, by definition, are those who not only entered this country committing a crime by doing so illegally but then went on to pillage, murder, and destroy this country and its citizens. In other words, people such as alleged killer Jose Antonio Ibarra.

Ibarra, who has been charged with felony murder and kidnapping for allegedly bludgeoning Riley to death, illegally entered the United States from his native Venezuela in 2022. Per the de facto policy of the Biden administration, Ibarra was swiftly caught by border authorities and even more quickly released into the interior of our country. In two short years, Ibarra racked up quite the rap sheet, including an arrest for child endangerment in 2022 and an arrest for bailing on a court hearing regarding a separate shopping allegation in 2023.

Note that at every point before a young nursing student was brutalized and murdered in cold blood, law enforcement had the right and ability to kick Ibarra back to Caracas. But the Biden administration was to protect Venezuelans, including solo, military-aged men with a propensity for violence, and keep them in the country, even when Immigration and Customs Enforcement could theoretically demand they remain detained after they commit a secondary crime beyond illegally invading this country.

Allegations of murder aside, does this sound like an upstanding young man who deserves citizenship? Let alone to be in the U.S. at all?


But to listen to the progressive mob, beginning with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the truly important outrage was that Biden called Ibarra an “illegal” rather than “undocumented.” Seriously.

Given the brouhaha over Biden’s use of the term “illegal” and his subsequent capitulation to the progressive Puritans, the twisted progressive viewpoint is this: The very notion that Ibarra is a criminal, not a candidate for citizenship, is considered more offensive than the killing of Riley.

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