Democrats and the liberal media keep ignoring hate crime hoaxes

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Democrats and the liberal media keep ignoring hate crime hoaxes

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Democrats routinely condemn the country for being overtly racist and subject to rampant white supremacy; there sure are a lot of nonwhite people faking hate crimes. Yet despite these frequent occurrences, neither Democrats nor their propaganda accomplices in the liberal media seem to report these incidents ever. As such, it stands to reason people may be unfamiliar with the latest hate crime hoax that occurred this week at Kit Carson International Academy in Sacramento, California.

A phony dollar bill containing bigoted slurs and racial imagery was discovered circulating the school earlier this week, causing quite the uproar, the Sacramento Bee reported. School officials were outraged and launched an inquiry into what happened. They considered the act a hate crime targeting black students. The counterfeit currency contained a “racist, anti-black caricature,” the N-word, and a website that featured discriminatory language. Additionally, the fake money reportedly was to be used to purchase “fried chicken and alcohol,” administrators told KOVR-TV.


To the dismay of everyone, the investigation revealed that it wasn’t a hate crime by racist white people but rather a hoax perpetrated by two black teenagers who attended the school. The Sacramento City school district condemned the ruse. The students were suspended.

“Sac City Unified strongly condemns the use of racist language or material and has taken swift disciplinary action against the two students involved,” Sacramento City Unified School District officials said in a released statement.

“One student printed it, who gave it to another student, who gave it to somebody else,” district spokesman Brian Heap told the Sacramento Bee. “We don’t know how widespread the dissemination was on campus. We do know that more than one of these were handed out because the principal actually saw some on the ground.”

Additionally, it was revealed that this was the third racial incident at the school where the offenders were black — again, something else not covered nationally or with great attention by Democrats and the media. They (Democrats and media) purposely don’t mention the numerous hate crime hoaxes committed by black people in the country.

“I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster today. This is the third time we’ve had perpetrators of a racially motivated incident identified as African Americans,” Mark Harris, the school district’s diversity, equity, and inclusion monitor, said.

It raises the question of what kind of environment exists in this school that such events keep happening. Moreover, what does the administration plan to do about it?

“It really speaks to our need as a district to do more in terms of fully educating kids about the history behind this word and just try to clear up some of the [misconceptions] they must have that lead them to use it so cavalierly,” Heap said in a later statement.

But they don’t need to educate children more; heck, that is part of the problem. The country’s public education system has become so radicalized that it rewards the perpetual victimization mindset and encourages nonwhite students to announce they have suffered from racial oppression. Curricula such as critical race theory and agenda-driven initiatives such as DEI have molded the minds and attitudes of children. It has left them vulnerable to being indoctrinated, not educated. No school official should be surprised that these hoaxes keep happening.

Just like with all the others, Democrats and the media ignored this hoax. They don’t want to tell the truth and have the frequency of these hoaxes become public knowledge. It would shatter their narratives. They have repeatedly shown they are the problem, not the solution. Democrats, the Left, and other so-called “anti-racists” need to start telling the entire truth when it comes to hate crimes, not just the incidents that suit their agenda.

Given that the left-wing political orthodoxy accepted by most educators is predicated on acknowledging a history of extensive racism and bigotry in the country, the school district sought to explain how they could prevent such incidents in the future. After all, black people committing fake hate crimes shouldn’t happen in an oppressive white supremacist society.


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