Delta becomes latest airline to raise checked baggage fee

Delta Air Lines has become the latest airline to have its checked baggage fee soar to new heights, raising it by 17%.

The increased checked bag fee will raise the current price from $30 to $35, marking the first time since 2018 that the airline has raised the price of this fee. Those who wish to bring a second bag with them will also have to pay an increased price, going from $40 for their second bag to $45.

Delta has argued that this uptick in pricing will help it keep up with unspecified increasing costs in the flight industry.

Travelers who are a part of Delta’s loyalty program can get one bag waived of the checked bag fee. Similarly, those who travel first class on the airline will be able to bring two bags without paying a fee.


The issue of raising checked bag fees has occurred across multiple airlines, with American Airlines being the most recent one. Like Delta, American Airlines used to charge $30 per bag, but as of mid-February charges $35 for those who pay the fee online or $40 for those who pay in person.

Other airlines that have raised their checked bag fee include United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Southwest Airlines, meanwhile, still allows travelers to carry two checked bags, along with one carry-on bag and one personal item, for free, with additional checked bags costing $125 each.

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