CPAC 2024: Trump mocks Biden: Anyone can read off a teleprompter, ‘except for Biden’

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland – As former President Donald Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, he repeatedly mocked President Joe Biden, impersonating him stumbling around a stage during remarks that lasted an hour and a half.

“He always points, like where am I, thank you,” Trump said, imitating Biden pointing. “And then he points, and then he ends up going in the opposite direction.”If there’s a wall behind him, he ends up walking into the wall. 

The comedic bit isn’t new; he has regularly featured these imitations at his rallies on the campaign trail, impersonating the current commander in chief with an over-the-top exaggeration, mocking Biden, who is 81 years old.


“When I imitate him with the stairs, he can never find his way. Do you ever see — Secret Service runs up and grabs him, helps him off the stairs,” Trump exclaimed. “This is what we have negotiating nuclear weapons,” as the crowd applauded.

Trump, who is 77 years old, continued improvising during his speech before the friendly crowd, which at times appeared to be completely off the cuff. 

“Isn’t this better than reading off a teleprompter; anyone can do that except for Biden. He can’t do that either,” Trump said, as the crowd cheered.


After a long long ramble, Trump predicts media will paint him as cognitively impaired for going off on a tangent. But he says it’s really “genius.”

With all signs pointing to a Trump-Biden rematch, voters are likely going to have to choose between Trump, who will be 78 in November, or Biden, who is 82 in November. The person inaugurated on January 20, 2025, will likely be the oldest person ever sworn in as president of the United States. The median age of previous presidents at inauguration was 55, according to the Pew Research Center

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