Cori Bush’s gun control ramblings are incoherent


Cori Bush’s gun control ramblings are incoherent

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Democrats have continued their incoherent rambling about the Second Amendment because they are unable to comprehend the fact that their gun control positions are unpopular and ineffective.

The latest offender of this is Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). During a hearing between the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, Bush claimed that “we will not succumb to the nihilistic, insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment. We will not allow the apologists for gun violence to win. We will double down on a public health response to the public health emergency that is gun violence in our country.”


What does any of this even mean? It is little more than liberal Mad-Libs, throwing together random phrases to signal that Democrats are good and anyone who opposes them on gun control is bad (and an insurrectionist).

Who are the “apologists for gun violence” who supposedly have a role in the gun violence debate? Bush would have you believe they are Republicans, who are “apologists for gun violence” because … why exactly? Because Republicans rightly recognize that liberal gun control policies would do almost nothing to stop mass shootings, which even the Washington Post has noted?

You would think the “apologists for gun violence,” if they had a voice in our gun control debates, would be the people arguing that murderers and people who commit crimes with firearms should receive little-to-no jail time. But that would include Bush, who voted to uphold Washington D.C.’s criminal enabling bill and who wants police departments to be defunded.

Of course, that is why Bush and other Democrats want gun violence to be considered a “public health emergency.”


It has nothing to do with the mental health questions around mass shooters. Even if it did, the vast majority of gun violence is committed by gang members and other criminals, not mentally ill people. Bush and the Democratic Party don’t want to talk about crime. They have to sanitize the entire debate as a “public health” debate instead.

All of this is because Democrats have made almost no progress on gun control for years now. They have been reduced to recycling stale talking points or trying to craft lazy new ones (“insurrectionist”) to try and move the needle because they can’t talk about crime or acknowledge that all of their policies target law-abiding gun owners instead of criminals. Bush has no idea what she is talking about on gun control, but that only makes her just another Democratic politician.

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