Civil War cast argues film is political without ‘an ideological agenda’

The cast of the film Civil War claimed that this new movie is a political one, but not one adhering to a specific agenda.

Directed by Alex Garland, the plot is centered on a Civil War taking place within the United States in the near future, during which four journalists travel to Washington, D.C. to interview the president. Three of the film’s actors, Kirsten Dunst, Cailee Spaeny, and Wagner Moura, appeared on ABC’s The View to discuss the new movie, with Dunst asked to elaborate on previous comments she made calling the film “a warning.”

“You know what, I think that’s the wrong wordage because there’s discourse all over the world, so it really could have been made at any time,” Dunst said. “The Ukraine/Russian war started when we were rehearsing this film. So to me, this is the kind of movie that really lets audiences put their own, you know, perspective, feelings, their own political views onto the screen, because we don’t do that for you.”

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the co-hosts, asked the cast how they would respond to any comparisons some audience members would make between the film and the current political climate in the United States. Moura answered the question by arguing that the film does delve into politics, but in a way without “an ideological agenda.”

“Because it’s political,” Moura said. “It’s a film that’s like we all know what polarization is, we all know the threat that polarization is to democracy, and, by the way, not only here, it’s everywhere.”

This image released by A24 shows Wagner Moura, left, and Kirsten Dunst in a scene from “Civil War.” (Murray Close/A24 via AP)


The cast’s appearance on The View comes about a week after Nick Offerman, who plays the U.S. president in the film, denied taking inspiration from former President Donald Trump in his performance. Offerman, known for his roles in shows like Parks & Recreation and The Last of Us, also claimed that the film is “so unattached to anything in modern politics.”

The film will be in theaters April 26.

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