Chicago skips crime and school issues to kick police out of schools

Chicago has plenty of problems on which you think Democrats would be more focused, including crime and failing schools. Naturally, they have decided to focus on neither of those topics to instead abide by the racial brain rot of progressive activists.

Chicago’s Board of Education voted unanimously to remove school resource officers from Chicago Public Schools, which Mayor Brandon Johnson said is part of a “holistic” (read: meaningless) approach to school safety. The city plans to use the $10 million in spending for other school safety programs that will do next to nothing to make schools safer, all because some activists think it is just too scary to have SROs on school campuses.

You would think that this subject would have already been litigated when Denver Democratic Mayor Michael Hancock admitted that removing SROs from schools was a “mistake.” After two high school staff members were shot at East High School in Denver, Hancock released a statement saying: “It’s also time to return School Resource Officers in our schools. Removing them was a mistake and we must move swiftly to correct it.”


Meanwhile, Chicago is cutting police from other parts of the city despite seeing a rise in violent and major crimes in 2023. In Chicago Public Schools, just 12% of middle school students are proficient in math, and just 16% are proficient in reading. High school students are at 14% math proficiency and 15% in reading. In other words, there are more serious problems facing Chicago both on crime and in schools, but city leaders are worried about what the American Civil Liberties Union thinks about the perception of having officers on campuses rather than focusing on any of those.

Chicago’s Democratic leaders live in a detached reality where the “problems” they want to fight are the lame causes of activist groups based on things like their race-based hatred of police officers. Meanwhile, the real problems go unnoticed and unaddressed because it is too hard to admit that 93 years of Democratic rule have turned Chicago into a crime-ridden city full of failing schools.

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