California teacher educates elementary-age children about transgenderism

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California teacher educates elementary-age children about transgenderism

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A California teacher’s presentation on educating children about transgenderism was released and has alerted the district to investigate.

Child development teacher Dr. Danita McCray is employed at an elementary school in Sacramento City Unified District and brags about not having “girl toys,” “boy toys,” or gendered bathrooms in her classroom. The Washington Examiner could not confirm her teacher status. McCray gave a presentation on how to run a classroom like hers during a 2021 California Teachers Association conference, which has since been obtained by Fox News.

Teachers were presented with a slide featuring a “gender unicorn” cartoon meant to teach children about different genders and sexualities. McCray told her audience the purpose of her presentation was “to provide you with positive strategies to support transgender and gender non-conforming children” and even recommended books she claimed were appropriate for preschool-age children that told the stories of transgender children.


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“You can download them and you can talk to them about it. And, of course, it’s age-appropriate,” McCray said of her slide presentation.

The teacher acknowledged her classroom culture could differ from that of her students’ homes and simply asks for mutual respect between the two. McCray tells parents that if they don’t like how she teaches, they always have the option to go to another classroom.

“The district will look into the comments made at a conference and whether they align with district policies, or were made outside the scope of the employee’s duties,” a spokesperson said in a statement to Fox. “SCUSD believes parents and families are equal partners in education. We value their contributions and will always work with them to address any issues or concerns they may have with a teacher or other staff member.”


SCUSD publishes an annual Parents and Student Rights Notification, complete with updated guidelines on COVID-19 and LGBT support services.

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