California could copy Canada’s assisted suicide culture of death

California has looked at Canada’s state-assisted (and state-encouraged) suicide regime and decided to kick-start its own culture of death.

California’s current assisted suicide law allows for adults to choose to end their own lives so long as they are expected to die within six months from a terminal disease and they can make the decision and ingest the drugs themselves. The new proposal from state Sen. Catherine Blakespear would allow people to end their lives without any specific terminal prognosis as well as allow people with dementia and people from out of state to end it all.

“Come to California and kill yourself” would certainly be an eye-catching motto.

While this is only a proposed bill, there are a variety of reasons why it is already noteworthy. For one, California is run by a Democratic supermajority, meaning that the bill will move quickly if Democrats embrace it on a party line. Another reason is that we know where this bill leads when we look to Canada, where people are pushed toward killing themselves by doctors even if they haven’t asked for it, and where Canada has extended this option to just about everyone, including (barring a present delay) the mentally ill.

Most notable, though, is that this bill is simply the logical conclusion of California and the Democratic Party’s view of self-affirmation. You see this when it comes to transgenderism, where California Democrats think that everyone, including children, should be able to choose to permanently disfigure themselves with cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries because it is what they want. (And yes, if you are wondering where this logic goes, Canada is considering expanding assisted suicide eligibility to include children.)

More traditionally, we see this with abortion. As with transgender surgeries, the primary logic behind abortion is that women should control their own bodies (by killing unborn children who are their own individuals, which Democrats deny). In both cases, California Democrats believe you should be able to choose damaging procedures because of “bodily autonomy.” Killing yourself, by this logic, is the natural conclusion, the ultimate damage to yourself simply because you choose to do so.


That is, if you are capable of such a choice which, again, is the problem we see playing out in Canada and would play out with dementia patients in California under this bill.

Once California kicks this snowball down the hill, there will be no stopping it. That is what happened in Canada, and such a drastic expansion of assisted suicide in California would do the same, because you can find any excuse to add someone to the list once you decide that self-affirmation should be the criteria, rather than terminal illnesses.

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