Buzz: Cher for president, Miyares wakes to bug Biden, phone J. Edgar Hoover

Cher is running for president.

No, not that Cher, but “Cher A. Spirit,” running for the “Cocktail Party,” which is sponsored by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

The liquor lobby just debuted its fictional candidate and party, part fun and part serious business.

The fun part is obvious, and it’s meant to highlight the serious points made by DISCUS, such as “expanding responsible consumer access to distilled spirits, increasing consumer convenience, advocating for fairer taxes, and supporting hospitality businesses.

A big focus was the group’s “drink responsibly” campaign. “Whether you’re part of the Republican Party, Democratic Party or an independent, everyone’s welcome at the Cocktail Party, and we hope you’ll join us,” Chris Swonger, the CEO of DISCUS and, said. “The Cocktail Party is a great way for adult consumers to get involved in the legislative process while having a little spirited fun along the way. Together we can raise our glass and lift our voice in support of the spirits industry,” Swonger said.

While fictional, the group did have a live “Cher” at its annual conference, which is being held in San Diego. “Adult consumers deserve the freedom to responsibly enjoy their favorite distilled spirits products when, where and how they want,” she said.

  • The Biden-Harris campaign is highlighting the gay staffers it hires as it woos Democrats unimpressed with the president’s record so far. Just last week, for example, the campaign noted that its new national organizing director isn’t just gay but is a woman of color. Roohi Rustum, the campaign said, “is the first LGBTQ person and first woman of color to serve as national organizing director for a general election presidential campaign.” She had worked on the 2020 campaign of Pete Buttigieg, the first gay secretary of transportation.


  • Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is one of the lucky ones who knows exactly what he will do when he gets up in the morning. “I like to say my job is I get to wake up in the morning and sue the Biden administration. It’s fun, and business is booming these days,” he said in a chat with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts. “There’s a lot of job security,” Roberts said.
  • If you ever get the urge to “talk” with legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover or any of the Washington celebs buried there, the Congressional Cemetery will soon have a way. As part of a new art display, the inventive cemetery is installing a “one way wind phone” to offer “visitors a point of connection to speak with those dwelling in other worldly planes.” They are popular in Japanese cemeteries.

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