Blame Biden, not greed, for shrinkflation

If you noticed that the sizes of some of your favorite foods at the supermarket have gotten smaller in recent years, Cookie Monster feels your pain.

“Me hate shrinkflation!” the insatiable baked treat eater posted on X this week. “Me cookies are getting smaller.”

Looking to shift blame for the fact that consumers are now spending more of their disposable income on food now than at any other time in the last 30 years, the White House responded to Cookie Monster’s writing, “C is for consumers getting ripped off. President Biden is calling on companies to put a stop to shrinkflation.”

President Joe Biden is reportedly going to blame shrinkflation on corporate greed in his State of the Union address Thursday night, as part of a larger messaging effort to show what his administration has been doing to combat rising prices.

But shrinkflation isn’t new. It’s been around forever. And the cause isn’t some sudden uptick in corporate greed. It’s caused by inflation. Just ask the Associated Press, which called “shrinkflation” the “inflation you’re not supposed to see” just two years ago. 

“Shrinkflation isn’t new, experts say,” the Associated Press reported. “But it proliferates in times of high inflation as companies grapple with rising costs for ingredients, packaging, labor and transportation.”

Corporations choose shrinkflation over raising prices, the Associated Press explained, “because they know customers will notice price increases but won’t keep track of net weights or small details, like the number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper.”

Democrats plan to fight shrinkflation with new legislation that would empower the Federal Trade Commission with the authority to punish companies that engage in shrinkflation. But, again, the cause of shrinkflation isn’t corporate greed. If Democrats ban shrinkflation, it will only cause companies to raise prices on their goods and services even higher.


The underlying problem causing shrinkflation is inflation. And voters already know who is to blame for inflation: Biden, the Democratic Party, and the trillion-dollar stimulus spending they enacted after the economy was already recovering as the COVID-19 shutdowns ended.

Biden can enlist all the muppets he wants to shift blame for the higher prices his policies have caused, but it is not going to work.

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