Biden’s blind spot: President’s record on ballooning cost of living makes voters sour

President Joe Biden appears to have a blind spot on the ballooning cost of living that many voters are feeling in their daily lives, according to a new poll released Saturday.

The poll found the majority of voters believe Biden has harmed the country in terms of the economy, rather than helped. Voters complained that Biden has focused on other issues, rather than solve the economic issues related to inflation and the increasing costs of living.

“Now that [Biden’s] in the office, the cost of living has spiked out of control, and there’s nothing being done about it,” Trelicia Mornes, a Democrat, told the Associated Press. “He just chooses to do other things.”

Mornes added that Biden has the capability to help Americans who are struggling with high prices, such as the rising prices of rent and food. 

Another voter said she felt the economy thrived under former President Donald Trump, and that a lot of the issues Americans are seeing in terms of high prices were not an issue four years ago. 

“Considering the price of gas, the price of groceries, the economy — I did very well during those four years,” Christina Elliott, a Texas Republican, said. “I didn’t have to worry about filling up my tank or losing half of my paycheck to the grocery store.”

A major part of the economic woes that plague the country stem from the COVID-19 pandemic and the handling of the country’s economy coming out of it. Although many jobs were lost during the pandemic, Trump had also implemented low interest rates and gave out government stimulus that helped keep costs down for American families during the global health crisis.

When the pandemic was over, Biden was met with several problems, including supply chain issues. But experts also claim that the high costs of his Ukraine aid packages, and other legislative packages have contributed to high inflation.

One voter, who normally leans Democratic, said she feels that too much money is being spent on things that aren’t helping the economy. 

“The last four years, I feel like it’s getting too much in terms of money spent for immigration, forgiving all these student loans,” Nadia Stepicheva said.

Stepicheva said she does not support illegal immigration but does believe that immigrants who come into the country illegally should be allowed to work so that taxpayers are not forced to pay for their food and housing.

Independents are also rating Biden low when it comes to the economy. Nearly 6 in 10 independents claim Biden has hurt the country on cost of living, according to the poll from the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Voters also rate Biden low when it comes to immigration and job creation. More than half of respondents said Biden has made things worse for the country because of immigration, and approximately one third said Biden has made the country worse because of job creation.


Biden and Trump were tied when it comes to foreign policy, and almost the same on healthcare. But Trump scored low on abortion rights, climate change, and voting rights.

The poll was conducted April 4-8, surveyed 1,204 adults, and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.

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