Bidenflation hits food stamp recipients hard

After falling by millions during former President Donald Trump’s term, the number of families using food stamps has risen steadily under President Joe Biden, and a new study shows these families are not getting the calories they need thanks to Bidenflation. 

Just 28 million people were on food stamps before Barack Obama became president, and despite an economic recovery, that number grew almost every year he was in office, swelling to 47 million in 2014 before falling to 44 million in 2016.

Under Trump, food stamp rolls continued to fall all the way to 35 million in 2019, before rising during the coronavirus shutdowns in 2020. But just like under Obama, the number of families on food stamps continued to increase under Biden despite an economic recovery. Now more than 42 million people are on food stamps, and thanks to Bidenflation, their benefits are not what they used to be.

The rising cost of groceries outpaced the growth in food stamp benefits in 98% of counties in the United States, according to a new study by the Urban Institute.


“We’ve had a number of shifts, obviously, in terms of inflation,” Urban Institute Senior Fellow Elaine Waxman told NPR. “And even though SNAP is updated for inflation, it hasn’t been sufficient because the underlying benefit is really not adequate to purchase a meal that would be meaningful in terms of health and nutrition.”

Wealthy Democratic opinion makers such as Paul Krugman may continue to claim the Biden economy is awesome, but they should stop talking to all of their college-educated friends and spend more time with the more than 40 million people on food stamps.

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