Biden would rather Israel surrender than defend itself

President Joe Biden has tried to pretend that he supports Israel since the terrorist attack against it on Oct. 7, but he has made it clear he would rather Israel surrender than win its war against Hamas.

Biden is now telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “we won’t be able to support you” if Israel continues its war against Hamas, a terrorist group that slaughtered 1,200 civilians in Israel, is dedicated to destroying Israel completely, and is holding Israelis and Americans hostage. This comes after National Security Council spokesman John Kirby tried to claim that America’s support of Israel is “rock-solid and unwavering” even as Biden threatens to change U.S. policy toward Israel.

Meanwhile, Hamas has rejected yet another ceasefire deal. That makes at least three occasions since February that Hamas has rejected a ceasefire. In the meantime, Biden is calling on Israel to cease its plans to go into Rafah, where Hamas terrorists are again using Palestinian civilians as human shields to avoid being wiped out completely.

So Biden wants Israel to stop fighting and let Hamas survive, all while Hamas continues to refuse to stop fighting by rejecting ceasefire deals. What Biden is asking of Israel is to surrender, to let Hamas survive and regroup and continue to slaughter civilians and try to destroy the country. Biden is putting more pressure on Israel for trying to kill genocidal terrorists than he is on the terrorists who continue to hold Americans hostage.


In fact, Biden wants the U.S. military to build those terrorists a pier for aid that they will inevitably steal from civilians. Israel gets shamed and threatened with changes in U.S. policy, while Hamas gets a pier hand-delivered to them by the U.S. military. Who do you think Biden thinks the problem is in this conflict?

Biden is telling Israel it does not have a real right to defend itself, only that it is allowed to defend itself until it becomes politically inconvenient for Biden’s reelection campaign. Now that it is inconvenient, he is calling on Israel to tap out of this war, inevitably leading to future Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians. Biden’s judgment is completely warped by cynical politics to the point that he wants Israel to all but surrender and resign itself to periodic massacres like the one that Hamas perpetrated to start this war on Oct. 7.

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