Biden knows nothing about guns except that he wants to ban them

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden will sit for an interview with actress Drew Barrymore Friday afternoon, according to the White House. Susan Walsh/AP

Biden knows nothing about guns except that he wants to ban them

President Joe Biden is continuing to try and manufacture momentum for an assault weapons ban where none exists, even though he still knows nothing about guns or gun deaths.

Speaking at a candlelight vigil organized by the Newtown Action Alliance, Biden boasted of an assault weapons ban that “we did it before.” He claimed that “it worked” and “we can do it again.” This comes on the heels of Biden claiming last month he would “start counting the votes” on a ban and that “I’m going to try and get rid of assault weapons.”


Aside from the fact that the assault weapons ban Biden is referring to did not “work” in any real way, this debate is pointless anyway. There are not going to be the votes to enact an assault weapons ban before Republicans take control of the House in January. And, even if there were, such a ban would solve nothing because Biden and much of the Democratic Party don’t know anything about how guns work or which guns are used most in homicides.

Assault weapons bans typically only focus on the cosmetic features of semi-automatic rifles, which do nothing to make a gun more lethal but do make it look scarier to anti-gun liberals. They are also easy to bypass, as was proven when the shooter in Buffalo, New York, bought a legal rifle and altered it in violation of the state’s assault weapons ban.

Such a ban would not prevent mass shootings, as shooters could simply use semi-automatic handguns instead of rifles. Even if that somehow weren’t the case, such a ban would do little to stop gun homicides. In 2019, 10,258 people were killed with guns, and just 364 (3.5%) were killed by rifles, which would include the “assault weapons” Biden wants to ban.

The Democratic Party’s gun control agenda would do next to nothing to affect gun deaths in the U.S., especially when the party has also made it a point not to punish criminals who use guns in several Democratic-run states and cities across the country. Biden himself proved that Democrats know nothing about what they want to regulate when he asserted that he wanted to ban semi-automatic guns, which would be nearly all handguns. The White House then walked it back.


If Biden can’t tell the difference between calling for a ban on “assault weapons” and calling for a ban on semi-automatic weapons, he has no business talking about either. The same is true for the Democratic Party, which thinks that the lethality of a gun comes down to how scary it looks and that AR-15s are somehow magically more dangerous than any other semi-automatic rifle or handgun. As is too often the case, many Democrats know nothing about this issue, and yet they think they should be able to control it entirely.

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