Biden goes all in on the UN’s ‘climate reparations’ scam

President Joe Biden boards Air Force One at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, N.C., Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, after participating in a Thanksgiving dinner with members of the military and their families. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Patrick Semansky/AP

Biden goes all in on the UN’s ‘climate reparations’ scam

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The Biden administration has agreed to pay “climate reparations” because Democrats love nothing more than a good, old-fashioned climate scam.

President Joe Biden and his administration have, in principle, reached an agreement to pay money to poor countries as a form of “climate justice.” The logic goes that the U.S. and other wealthy countries are most responsible for carbon pollution, and so we have to pay money to poorer countries to offset the costs. This is because we are supposed to now pretend that any time a hurricane or a mudslide or some other extreme weather event happens, it is because of the mystical magic of “climate change,” regardless of evidence to the contrary.


So, will China, the “world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases,” be paying climate reparations? Of course not. According to the New York Times, “the United States and the European Union are pushing for assurances that China will eventually contribute to any fund created.” So Biden has agreed to spend taxpayer dollars on “climate justice” for other countries even before acquiring a pinky promise from China that it would do the same.

It’s worse than that, though. Given that this scam runs through the United Nations, China is actually eligible to receive these funds. According to the New York Times, “the United Nations currently classifies China as a developing country, which would make it eligible for climate compensation.” But Biden committed to this even before seeking “assurances” that China would not be receiving any funds, let alone that it would be contributing.

A 2021 estimate by the United Nations would put the annual price tag for such a fund in the hundreds of billions of dollars. And you can bet, as is often the case with the United Nations, that the U.S. will be footing most of the bill while China gets all of the benefits.


Of course, no one in the Biden administration truly believes that climate change is as destructive as they claim. Otherwise, John Kerry and his private jet wouldn’t be in charge of climate policy. The same is true for the United Nations, who welcomed elites and their private jets to yet another climate conference to brainstorm this scam where normal taxpayers in the U.S. and European countries need to pay China for “climate justice.”

Fortunately, these funds would need to be appropriated by Congress, and House Republicans won’t go along with this farce. But it serves as yet another reminder of how Biden views taxpayer money and the issue of “climate change.” Biden and the Democratic Party are unserious environmental zealots, and their negotiations somehow favor China and the bloated bureaucracy of the United Nations more often than U.S. taxpayers.

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