Biden ‘counting on’ border security ‘happening by itself’

President Joe Biden indicated that he would not use executive action to help combat the crisis at the southern border, saying he’s “counting on” it “happening by itself.”

Speaking with reporters on the tarmac on Monday, Biden was asked when executive action regarding the border was coming. In response, Biden said that he was hoping it would work itself out, seemingly with the help of Congress.

When further pressed if he would sign off on measures from Congress on the border, the president responded that “they haven’t yet.”

Biden has sought to push the blame for the border crisis on Republicans in Congress, claiming they were purposefully sabotaging legislation to hurt him politically. He has also taken aim at former President Donald Trump, who was openly against the legislation Biden negotiated with lawmakers.


Despite the influx of immigrants coming into the country, Biden has been largely unwilling to use his executive power to take measures to bring the crisis under control.

Though shying away from an executive action or executive order, the White House requested $4.7 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security to assist in responding to the crisis.

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