Biden can’t stop lying about Trump and abortion

In 2022, for an article in the New York Times, Andrew Bates, President Joe Biden’s White House deputy press secretary and senior communications adviser, proclaimed how honest Biden was as a person, politician, and president. It was all a lie and just one of many examples of the rampant dishonesty that has been emanating from the White House since Jan. 20, 2021. It’s indicative of the deception Biden has recently spread about former President Donald Trump and abortion.

“President Biden has brought honesty and integrity back to the Oval Office,” Bates said. “Like he promised, he gives the American people the truth right from the shoulder and takes pride in being straight with the country about his agenda and his values; including by sharing life experiences that have shaped his outlook and that hardworking people relate to.”

These life experiences include a rotating list of ethnic backgrounds, contingent upon exactly who Biden is talking to. Biden is a pathological fibber. He always has been and always will be. He frequently uses these fibs to fearmonger on specific political matters. The most recent example of this is his political ad claiming that Trump is planning to ban abortion nationwide. 

As anyone who visits this page can see, Biden’s campaign is claiming that “Donald Trump wants to ban abortion nationwide.” However, this is categorically false, as Trump has said nothing of the sort. He actually said the exact opposite as recently as this week, as detailed in a New York Times article. He repeated it on Wednesday while campaigning in Georgia.

The former president was asked whether he would sign a national abortion ban if he won reelection and such a ban hypothetically passed Congress. Trump replied, “No.”

“You wouldn’t sign it?” a reporter asked again.

“No,” Trump said.


Yet, politicians, pundits, academics, scholars, and the legacy media, all of which regularly lamented Trump’s supposed inability to be truthful, conveniently ignore the numerous instances in which Biden lies. It raises the question of why Biden can get away with lying about anything and why he has not been exposed, scorned, and condemned for his fearmongering on abortion. 

Biden and his Democratic accomplices are weaponizing deception and fear to influence votes. For a presidential administration and political party that regularly complained about Trump not being honest, they certainly have no problem doing the very thing they accuse the former president of doing. Nevertheless, the truth is that Trump emphatically stated he would not sign an abortion ban. Claims by Biden, or anyone, to the contrary are lies. 

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