Biden campaign’s launch on TikTok off to a slow start

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has launched an account on the social media platform TikTok but so far is slow to gain followers.

The launch of the campaign’s account, Biden-Harris HQ, was made on Super Bowl Sunday, with its first video featuring the president answering a few questions themed around the big game. As of Monday afternoon, the Biden-Harris HQ TikTok account only has about 56,800 followers, with the Super Bowl video getting over 544,000 likes and just 4,732 comments.

In the wake of the Super Bowl video, two other videos were posted to the account on Monday, with one showing former President Donald Trump taking credit for overturning Roe v. Wade and Biden making jokes about clean energy during a speech.

The video of Biden answering questions related to the Super Bowl also briefly featured the meme “Dark Brandon,” which is a photo of Biden with glowing red eyes. The meme has been embraced by the Biden campaign, selling coffee mugs and T-shirts featuring the art.

On Monday, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was asked about the campaign joining TikTok and how it would affect security concerns regarding the social media platform. Kirby said that he could not speak for the campaign, though he did say that “nothing’s changed about the national security concerns.”


The Biden campaign launching its own TikTok account comes after several other Democrats have launched their own accounts, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The New York congresswoman joined the social media platform in March 2023 to speak out against efforts to ban TikTok in the United States.

In October, Biden-Harris HQ joined Truth Social, Trump’s own social media platform, with the campaign joking that it did so “mostly because we thought it would be very funny.”

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