Berkeley’s Palestinian crybullies don’t understand free speech

No one in America has a larger victim complex than Palestinian student activists at a liberal university, who think their egos take priority over the law.

That includes the students at Vanderbilt University who think they are allowed to trespass and assault police officers because of their supposedly righteous cause. Vanderbilt ended up suspending and expelling some of those students. This also includes students at the University of California, Berkeley, who crashed an event held by the university’s law school dean.

In this case, after hanging antisemitic posters about the dean’s event celebrating this year’s graduating class, several student activists registered for the dinner at his private residence. Malak Afaneh, a member of Law Students for Justice in Palestine (which should be disqualifying for respectable legal work the moment it is noted on her resume), stole a microphone to lecture people there while other students joined in, causing a ruckus.

Afaneh and other like-minded Palestinian groups now claim she was “assaulted” when the dean’s wife (a professor) tried to take the microphone from her. She also claimed she had a First Amendment right to disrupt the event and refuse to leave the dean’s private residence. She does not, and any self-respecting legal mind knows that. Even the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the preeminent group dealing with free speech on college campuses, made clear that Afaneh’s free speech claim was completely groundless.


Afaneh and other pro-Palestinian activists think their whining about Israel defending itself against Palestinian terrorists means they can ignore laws they do not like. Just as those Vanderbilt student activists think they are victims after being punished for assaulting a police officer, Afaneh thinks she is a victim because she isn’t allowed to trespass at a private residence to disrupt a private event. It doesn’t quite match Hamas raping and killing Jews and then crying out for help when Israel responds, but Palestinian student activists carry the same crybully mindset when it comes to their “protests.”

Afaneh and her fellow activists are not victims, and their free speech rights were not violated. They think their immoral cause is morally righteous and, as a result, gives them special privileges and legal exemptions that it does not. Afaneh and her Berkeley colleagues have shown, among other things, that they do not understand the law. They aren’t cut out for a future in their chosen career path.

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