Bad things happen in Philadelphia, and the Mexican government is exploiting it

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Bad things happen in Philadelphia, and the Mexican government is exploiting it

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A former president once said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.” He was given grief for it, but he was right. Now, things are so bad that the Mexican government is using the city as an example of death and destruction. A government campaign to deter Mexican residents from abusing drugs used scenes from Philadelphia to show the horrors of drug use.

As a camera pans over the streets of Philadelphia’s beleaguered Kensington neighborhood, many people look like zombies or corpses or are seen shaking uncontrollably. A narrator begins (in Spanish) talking about the harmful side effects of using drugs and uses the people in the video as harrowing examples.

“Crystal (meth) finishes you off quickly. It takes away hunger and tiredness and causes hallucinations and psychosis,” the ad said. “It damages the body and mind.”


Incidentally, the ad itself never identified the scenes as being from Philadelphia. Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, did not comment on why Mexico used scenes from Philadelphia or how they were obtained, according to the Associated Press. Ironically, many people in Kensington are victims of abusing fentanyl, mainly smuggled illegally into the United States from Mexico.

“It is always hard to see our city’s people and neighborhoods portrayed in a limited and negative light,” a spokesperson for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said. “No neighborhood, and no person, should be defined by this tragic and widespread crisis.”

Except, in reality, many people are defined, and suffering, from this crisis. Many of the issues stem from horrific policies the city’s Democratic leadership put into effect. Things are so dire that in April, the Philadelphia City Council sought an emergency declaration because of the crisis.

The Mexican government’s video is just the latest stain on the once-proud city of Philadelphia. It’s an embarrassment to the city and indicative of the rampant drug problem plaguing it. Once hailed as the beacon of liberty, the founding city of the country, and one of the greatest cities in Western civilization because of the historical events that happened there, it has turned into a disgusting and dangerous cesspool of societal decay.


It’s a sad state of affairs about the laughingstock Philadelphia has become. How much worse must things become before the residents of the city decide to vote for change? A record number of homicides have been plaguing the city for the last two years, the same thing with carjackings. And now, Mexico is using residents of the city as the primary example of what not to do in life.

Aren’t the Democrats who run the city embarrassed? Aren’t Philadelphians?

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