Authorities investigate bombing at Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts

A bomb exploded after an unidentified person threw it onto the porch of a Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts, on Monday.

The bomb failed to detonate but left the side of the building scorched, according to a report. The bomb was found hours later, and the premises were then swept by police and K9 units, but no further devices were found. The ATF and the FBI have also investigated the incident, according to various reports.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder of the temple, said in an email to the Boston Globe the bomb “fizzled out, scorching some of the front of the house.” He told the outlet he had given a tour of the temple while the bomb was lying on the porch, unaware it was there.

“We came in through the back and did the whole tour, and all the while, on the front deck, I guess, was this bomb,” Greaves said. The bomb was discovered later.


Greaves told local CBS outlet WBZ News, “It can’t be overstated that this was definitely a horrific act of attempted terrorism and people could be hurt.”

According to the outlet, the temple was the subject of a bomb threat in January and was reportedly set on fire in 2022.

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