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Florida man Trump could pick Rubio as a running mate, but it would create problems

MILWAUKEE — Florida Man Donald Trump could select fellow Florida Man Marco Rubio as his running mate, but it makes winning November more complicated. This involves...

Trump shooting upends Democrats’ ‘threat to democracy’ rhetoric

MILWAUKEE — Democrats are swapping their attacks on former President Donald Trump with calls for unity after an attempt on his life at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday. But how long the detente lasts (and whether it comes with a change in campaign strategy) is uncertain as members of both parties work to tone down […]

Half of adults think political violence is a ‘very big problem’: Poll

The attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump has the vast majority of adults believing that political violence is a problem, according to a new poll. A YouGov poll released Sunday and conducted in the aftermath of the Saturday evening shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania, showed 50% said political violence is a “very big problem,” while […]

Illinois officials condemn political violence after attempted Trump assassination

(The Center Square) – In the aftermath of the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, Illinois officials condemned political violence and urged for unity. In Butler County, Pennsylvania, Saturday, just minutes into a political rally speech, Trump quickly halted his speech, grabbed his right ear and ducked behind a podium on stage in a […]

Texas Democrats condemn assassination attempt of Trump as ‘political violence’

(The Center Square) – Republican and Democratic leaders in Texas are condemning the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump. While Republicans have referred to it as an assassination attempt and used it as a rallying cry to support Trump’s reelection bid for president, members of Texas’ Democratic congressional delegation have described it as “political […]

Virginia political figures united in condemnation of Trump assassination attempt

(The Center Square) — Despite everyday political differences, Virginia’s political figures spoke with mostly one voice on social media and in official statements, condemning the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump at a rally in Butler, Pa., Saturday evening. Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued a statement Sunday afternoon praising the former president for his […]

Political leaders of both parties in Raleigh, Washington denounce violence

(The Center Square) – Violence doesn’t have a place in politics, said North Carolina’s leaders of both major parties in Raleigh and Washington in the aftermath of an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. Democrats and Republicans posting messages to social media, through words or video, were in agreement against violence. Most encouraged prayers […]

Poll: Trump’s Tennessee numbers improve after felony convictions

(The Center Square) – Former President Donald Trump’s felony convictions in New York did not hurt his numbers in Tennessee. In fact, Trump’s 34 felony convictions for falsifying documents made 34% of Tennesseans more likely to vote for him while just 22% said it made them less likely to vote for him, according to a […]

NBC polling correction causing stir among Democrats

Public Opinion Strategies, a polling firm used by NBC News in its latest poll, revealed a massive mistake in a survey released Sunday that appeared to show President Joe Biden ahead by 3 percentage points nationally. Former President Donald Trump, not Biden, had been ahead by 3 points in a multicandidate race, according to a […]

X boosts radicals on the Left and considers Schumer ‘King of Congress’

Despite owner Elon Musk’s attempt to moderate the liberal bias of his X social media platform, a “radical remnant” on the site formerly called “Twitter” is boosting leftist politicians far more than conservatives, according to a new analysis. Consider: X’s supposedly unbiased algorithm views Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) as the least toxic House member and […]

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