Arizona might need until Christmas to count votes?

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Arizona might need until Christmas to count votes?

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What is going on in Arizona? Over two days after the elections, Arizona is still counting votes. And, to make matters worse, they appear far from finishing. It’s 2022, we are the United States of America, we live in an era of unprecedented technology, and Arizona is taking longer to count votes than it did in the 18th century. Furthermore, according to CNBC’s Ylan Mui, one state official said that counting might continue through Christmas!

“Arizona, the marquee races there are too early to call,” Mui said Tuesday night. “Election officials in the state have said they are prepared to work through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas as well.”


How is this possible?

First, Arizona has never needed such a significant amount of time to count votes, going back to when it first became a state in 1912. Heck, it didn’t take this long to count votes in the state just a few years ago.

Next, consider some of the other states in the country’s ability to count votes in a timely fashion, most notably, Florida. The Sunshine State has a population of 21.78 million people while Arizona has 7.27 million people. Not every resident participated in the voting. Still, with nearly three times as many people, Florida successfully counted their votes and declared winners during the night of the election.

Additionally, all countries like France, Germany, and Italy have recently held federal elections. All of them were able to count the votes of their entire countries quicker than Arizona. Such delays are inexcusable.


Moreover, while these delays are inexplicable, unnecessary, and problematic, they also erode the public’s trust in our government. Such bureaucratic incompetence sows the seeds of discontent, raises credibility and integrity issues, and threatens the sustainability of our constitutional republic.

Nevertheless, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how an election official could say with a straight face that it could take until Christmas. Either the people counting the votes in Arizona are the most incompetent people on the face of the Earth, Arizona’s voting system is in dire need of a complete overhaul, or something fraudulent is happening with the vote tallies. None of these are acceptable, and all are an embarrassment to the United States.

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