Are athletes finally starting to protest radical left-wing cultural politics?

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Are athletes finally starting to protest radical left-wing cultural politics?

After years of athletes kneeling, professional leagues relocating all-star games, and female national soccer teams whining about equity, the pendulum might be starting to swing the other way. Recently, some athletes have taken a stand against these “woke” dogmas and begun to fight back against radical left-wing cultural politics.

It’s been a joy to see.


On Saturday night, MMA fighter Holly Holm defeated Yana Santos in a women’s bantamweight bout on UFC on ESPN. After her fight, while speaking with a commentator in the ring, Holm made a statement against the sexualization of children. Her comments come on the heels of NHL players taking a stand against being used to promote LGBT “Pride” nights.

For far too long, athletes mainly either agreed and promoted the left-wing activism of professional sports leagues or did nothing to challenge it. They were accomplices in progressing radical narratives that contributed to shaping the nation’s culture.

“Something that’s been on my heart, and I feel like I have the platform to say it, and I need to say it. I just feel it’s really sad all the sexualization of our children right now,” Holm said. “We need to protect them. Whatever that may be, let’s protect the children. Please, do anything we can to help.”

Holm’s comments were somewhat vague, but many believed she was referring to the radical transgender indoctrination running rampant throughout the country at the moment. Unfortunately, during her press conference after the fight, Holm didn’t provide much clarity on what she meant. She mentioned the horrors of child trafficking but was reluctant to elaborate further.

“There’s a lot of levels to it. You just see it almost being more accepted, and I think that that’s really sad,” Holm said.

Granted, it is speculative to say exactly what she meant with her comment, and unless she specifically provides more detail, no one will ever really know. However, many on social media took it to be a criticism of the contemporary left-wing indoctrination of children. It would have been preferable if she was less vague; however, it was more than what most athletes say and at least a step in the right direction — even if Holm only meant child trafficking (which is unlikely).

Before Holms’ comments, athletes in the National Hockey League defied LGBTQ indoctrination marketing by refusing to participate in wearing special, promotional “pride” themed jerseys during their warm-ups. The Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov was the first player who decided not to wear one in January. Last week, San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer and the Florida Panthers’ Eric and Marc Staal declined to participate.

All of the players acknowledged that they respected LGBTQ people and welcomed them in the NHL. However, they just rightfully rejected being used as pawns by the LGBTQ lobby to promote something that was against their religious beliefs.

Finally, athletes are starting to realize they don’t have to be used to advance left-wing socio-political agendas. It took longer than it should have, but better late than never.

The Left are masters of propaganda and knew that if they could infiltrate professional sports, they could subtly expand their influence and political manipulations. The Left knew it would be another way they could shape and influence the culture, and that is why it was so important to them.


Many professional sports leagues surrendered to the Left; the NHL stood up to them. People probably don’t realize how huge their acts of defiance were, nor will they get the credit they deserve. Between Holm’s (somewhat vague) statement and NHL players’ bold actions, hopefully, it’s a sign that change is coming.

They can inspire others to stand against cultural Marxism and symbolically say “no more.”

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