Apple helps the Chinese communists suppress protests

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FILE – In this Oct. 20, 2012 photo, Chinese people line up to enter a newly-opened Apple Store in Wangfujing shopping district in Beijing. A Chinese court has ordered Apple Inc. to pay 1.03 million yuan ($165,000) to eight Chinese writers and two companies who say unlicensed copies of their work were distributed through Apple’s online store. The Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court ruled Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012 that Apple violated the writers’ copyrights by allowing applications containing their work to be distributed through its App Store, according to an official who answered the phone at the court and said he was the judge in the case. (AP Photo/Andy Wong, File) Andy Wong

Apple helps the Chinese communists suppress protests

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While journalists are trying to pressure Apple into dumping Twitter from the app store, Apple is already bending its knee to the Chinese Communist Party, at the expense of protesters in China.

With protests spreading across China over Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID strategy, Apple has restricted the use of AirDrop on iPhones and Apple devices in the country. Protesters use AirDrop to bypass the communist regime’s censorship of the internet and communicate directly with other protesters by “forming a local network of devices that don’t need the internet to communicate,” according to Quartz.


Apple’s new iOS update, released on Nov. 9, restricts that feature. Now, users can only set up their AirDrop to accept messages from everyone for just ten minutes, whereas previously it could be permanent. Now, protesters would have to go into their phones every ten minutes to reset their AirDrop settings to continue to communicate. There would be reasonable explanations for this iOS change if it was uniform, but, according to Quartz, the change only applies to iPhones sold in mainland China.

This is not the first time that Apple has made business decisions that exclusively benefit the Chinese Communist Party. In 2019, Apple removed an app that Hong Kong protesters were using to crowdsource the locations of protesters and police from its app store. Last year, Apple banned customers from engraving political phrases on Apple devices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, including references to voting rights and the Tiananmen Square massacre.

It isn’t hard to see why Apple is completely in the tank for China’s communist tyrants. The company is looking at a production shortfall of around 6 million iPhones due to the protests in China. And, lest anyone forget, Apple was among the companies lobbying against a congressional bill that would crack down on slave labor in China’s Xinjiang region, where China has been carrying out a genocide against Uyghur Muslims.


To top it all off, while Apple is apparently concerned about Twitter’s presence on the app store, the company has taken no action against TikTok, the Chinese spyware app that has circumvented Apple’s own app store protections. Apple knows who pays its bills, and it ain’t Elon Musk.

Any time Apple decides to posture about social justice or about “harmful” apps on its app store, the company exposes itself as a fraud. Apple is run by people who have sold their souls to the Chinese Communist Party and will do anything, including suppressing protests, in order to protect its easiest source of cheap labor and its access to the Chinese market.

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