Another day, another debunked hate crime claim

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Another day, another debunked hate crime claim

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An investigation into claims that a high school football team was harassed and called anti-black racial slurs didn’t find any evidence it ever occurred. The incident allegedly happened during a Nov. 4 game between two high schools in the state of Washington. It’s the latest example of a disturbing trend of allegations of anti-black hate crimes not being true. Another day, another hate crime debunked.

Regarding the incident, initially, parents, coaches, and players from the Lakes High School football team claimed they were called the N-word and other racial slurs by the student section of Stanwood High School, according to radio talk show host Jason Rantz. Kory Eggenberger, Lakes High School football coach, and other accusers said the slurs were first said during pregame warmups and continued throughout the contest.

Yet many were skeptical of the validity of this claim almost immediately. Important details of the incident were disputed right from the start, Rantz asserted. And, perhaps most importantly, actual video footage of the game appeared to show that no racial slurs were ever used, the Jason Rantz Show reported. It appears if not for the diligent work of Rantz, the results of the investigation into the supposed hate crime would have never been reported. This is in stark contrast to the initial reports of the incident.

Moreover, the results of the investigation were particularly damning. The lack of evidence was on par with the Jussie Smollett hoax. Steve Jansen, the game’s head referee, told the Jason Rantz Show that neither he nor any others who refereed the game ever heard any slurs. Additionally, he said that not one player or coach ever reported such an incident happened. Moreover, Lakes High School’s athletic director also said he didn’t hear any slurs and that no one reported anything to him.

According to the investigation, the athletic director did not “receive any complaints about racial slurs coming from the stands or field” and was never told of “any concerns about racial slurs from the student sections or players.”

This hoax is eerily similar to another incident from August, in which a fan at a women’s volleyball match between Brigham Young University and Duke University was accused of using racial slurs at a black player on Duke’s team. Duke’s player claimed, “She and her African American teammates had been heckled over their race.” However, after an investigation, just like the incident at Lakes High School, there wasn’t any evidence that any racial slurs were ever used.

Any person who uses racial slurs should be held accountable for his or her abhorrent actions. However, so should those who make false accusations of people using racial slurs. Democrats frequently like to declare how racist the country is. However, over the last few years, there have been numerous reports of such hate crime hoaxes. These despicable acts raise the question, if people continually have to fake hate crimes, then how racist could this country actually be?

Whether it was Lakes High School, BYU-Duke, Jussie Smollett, or Nick Sands from Covington Catholic High School, many people have an appetite to see white people commit racist acts. Fortunately, the supply doesn’t meet the demand. But until there is real accountability for people making false accusations of hate crimes, given the anti-white political climate that dominates our society, these kinds of incidents will continue to happen.


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