American Girl blasted for Body Image guidebook pushing puberty blockers for kids

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American Girl criticized for “Body Image” guidebook pushing puberty blockers for kids. Photo Illustration/American Girl/Washington Examiner

American Girl blasted for Body Image guidebook pushing puberty blockers for kids

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Popular doll-maker American Girl is now facing criticism for its guidebook that allegedly encourages children ages 3-12 who may be struggling with body image issues to ask their doctors about puberty blockers.

The guidebook, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image Book, which was released on Nov. 1, suggests those seeking transgender support do so even “if you don’t have an adult you trust,” providing a list of organizations they can turn to.


“Every girl needs to learn to live comfortably in her own skin, and this book will show the way!” the website reads.

“In these pages, a girl will find everything she needs to know about loving her unique self, staying confident through her body’s many changes, and appreciating her body for the life it lets her live,” the statement continued.

The book, which retails for $12.99, is marketed as full of activities, tips, crafts, and “real-girl” stories. The company called it a “feel-good reminder that all bodies are worthy of love and respect.”

Four different girls grace the cover of the 96-page paperback book, showing off varying body weights, skin colors, and disabilities. The subtitle reads, “how to love yourself, live life to the fullest, and celebrate all kinds of bodies.”

Screenshots from the book show the company telling children that it’s “totally OK” if they feel uncomfortable in their bodies and want to change the way they look.

“You can appreciate your body for everything it allows you to experience and still want to change certain things about it,” one line reads.

“If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity,” the page continued.

Critics took to social media to air their grievances with the company’s decision.

“Parents should know that American Girl guide books — which used to be pretty good — now promote dangerous gender ideology to little girls as young as 3,” Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

“If you love your daughters, protect your daughters by avoiding this company.”

“A book for girls about body image that tells them they should make permanent and catastrophic change their to bodies if they’re unhappy with them. Healthy message,” another journalist sounded off.


This isn’t the first time Mattel, American Girl’s parent company, has been blasted for promoting transgenderism to kids. Earlier this year, the company put out its first transgender Barbie doll and received similar criticism.

The company has not returned the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

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